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Dear Fred (31-07-2007)
 in 2005,I bough a couple studs of Fred on spring fairt in houten and thereby zat a complete good, this stud were designated at our in the association right young stud and also in the department he stood very high.
 Also in 2007, I have obtained studs from that line at Fred and thereby zat toppertje, these were fam of the stud of 2005. I am contradict very concerning the type of Fred Bodeving and weerga certainly at him along to buy young studs a couple.
Fred fly also in the department at him very strong on the vitesse and midfond but are studs are possible also the dagfond well to hear. If you want fast studs will then to Fred and he very gladly helps you.
Fred thank for the recommendation and above all for the beautiful and fast studs.
Gerrit korf Urk
We purchased young birds at Houten Spring Fair from you at the beginning of the year. Am pleased to tell you that we have done really well with them and would like to know if you will be at the fair next year. 
NL 07 1799058    1st Club 220 km
                          1st Club 341 km 9th Fed 694 birds, 70th Nat 3042 birds,87th Combine  6148 birds
                          3rd Club 278 km  32 nd Fed 1357 birds, 232 Nat 4757 birds
                          4th Club 160 km
NL 07 1799061     1st Club  
NL 07 1799062     1st Club 426 km  Lilliers  20th Fed 318 birds. 182/1653 birds National. 
NL 07 1799014   2nd Club
NL 07 1799025   3rd Club.
1799058 is from NLD 06 1048800 and NLD 05 1274189
As you can see we have done well with your birds and we hope to see you at the fair next year.
We finished young birds with 10 wins out of 11 to win Champoin Young Birds and overall Club Champions. 
Hope you had a good season.
Kind regards,
Ian Claridge and Neville Middleton. (22-10-2007)

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Fred I have got hold of a stud order of your and 2 in 2004, boy for have got there among which 04-2034827 the blue duivin, for the of "594 x 530"
Them deserved as young stud 1of 2 prijsjes vervolgens as jaarling the pans of the roof to fly o.a
1E Strombeek - 1E Moeskroen 
4E- Moeskroen - 5E Duffel.
Ace Pigeon 13 prices 2005 peak stud
Champions pigeon natoer 2005
In 2005, I breed from` 827 x Comb.Kuiper  the    NL05-1373200 and this young flew already right the first flight the 1E duffel 494 pigeons
sport greets.Comb. Vrauwdeunt Schiedam 01-11-2007

References: Kees van den Bos

This year I got a few pigeons from Fred’s .One of the female Pigeons has done an excellent  job.
Number : 08-1519658 has won 10 times ,out if the 12 races.( unfortunately one time no price because of a fault of the EC)
She won a price 5 times. One out of ten. She became 13th against 293 race Pigeons on Pommerroeul.
She’s become the 3rd Champion Pigeon in P.V. “het Zuiden at Oud Gastel.
She is from the 530th line: 05-1373030  and a grey Lady Pigeon( v/d Weel-berg) the 04-2034977.
Because of this Pigeon, I was directly lined up with the Champions in the combined action against about 110 fanciers. And this is only in my first year as a Pigeon keeper ,( after a break of 15 years).

Fred I am really very happy with your Pigeons.

Kees van den Bos.

Peter Fes

Hi Fred ..... 28-09-2008

Along these gone nevertheless still just as a thanks the young stud ( Bleu Hen ) which I by means of Orders obtained sale it has super has done he is of you that this stud. , as it happens,
1st finished in the competition which was coupled to these orders sale and with that Flatscreen TV have won and that you are with that also complete gladly because according to the game rules not only the purchaser but also the donor wins same the price.
Therefore also you congratulated and thank for giving a good stud.
Sport greets Peter Fes. ( 1st champion large Rotterdam)

Fred Bodeving